Building accessories is a materials manufacturing from sheets metal. Its called us flashing and others the flashing will Prevent external manufacture from reaching the framing are any part of the interior of a building.

  • Plain ridge
  • Profile ridge
  • Rain water cutter
  • Down take pipe
  • Corner flashing
  • " U " flashing
  • Drip flashing
  • Cable flashing
  • Junction flashing
  • Internal Corner flashing
  • External corner flashing


A component formed from rigid or flexible waterproof material that drains or deflects water back outside the cladding system Building Code.

A metal, plastic or waterproof material formed around a window or door at the cladding to window junction to ensure that any water that penetrates the critical junctions between the window and cladding is harmlessly dispersed to the exterior.

If well designed and installed, the flashings will prevent external moisture from reaching the framing or any part of the interior of a building, thus ensuring the health of the building users, lowering heating bills and preventing damage to the building.