SKV Metal Roofings Pre - engineered building is designed as per the MBMA standard. We are calculating the design parameters of building such as Dead load, live load, wind load, seismic load, crane load and collateral loads must be specified at the time of quotation. Design accordance with Indian standard or American standard applied the PEB buildings unless otherwise specified

Design as per MBMA

  • The 2002 Edition of low rise building system Manual of Metal Building manufacturer Association (MBMA)
  • All applicable loads are as per MBMA

Design as per Indian Standard

  • IS 2062:2006 - Steel for general structural purpose
  • IS 808 :1989 - Dimensions for hot rolled steel beams, columns, channels and angles
  • IS 800 :1984 &2007 - Code of Practice for General Construction in Steel
  • IS 801 :1975 - Code of Practice for use of cold-formed light gauge steel structure
  • IS 816 : 1969 : code of Practice for use of Metal Arc Welding for general construction in steel

Hot & Cold rolled

Hot rolled and Cold rolled build up section are designed of considering with

  • Manual of steel Construction, 9th edition of American Institute of Steel Construction (ASIC)
  • 1996 Edition of Cold Formed Steel design Manual of American iron and Steel Institute (AISI)
  • Structural Steel Welding code of American welding Society (AWS.D1.98)

Primary structures

Primary structures is Main column and Rafters. Primary built up members mainly consists of built up “ I” shaped primary structural framing members, columns and rafters. These members are fabricated from hot rolled steel plates and high tensile plate confirming ASTM A 572 M grade 42/50.

We are supplying with factory painted with a minimum of 40 microns of primers as standard or finish paint. And also if required of sand/shot blasting as per customer needs.

Secondary structures

Secondary structures is roof purlins and side & end wall girts. It is "Z" and C sections. We are manufactured from galvanized coil confirming to ASTM – A 653M and yield strength of 345 MPA and from HR coil ASTM A 570 M Grade B having yield strength of 245 – 345 MPA.